Notes for Contributors

We would like to encourage all O14 modellers to contribute to this site either directly or by supplying one of the editors with your content. Please contact the administrators via the associated: O14 Yahoo Group to ask about how you can become a contributor.

Contributors should consider the following when preparing material for publication:

  • This site is intended as a set of resources for O14 modellers. The O14 Yahoo Group is the place for general discussion, help etc.
  • Look at existing posts to get an understanding of style and wording etc.
  • Once published all posts are visible to everyone not just subscribers
  • You must ensure for any material (images or words) you publish you either:
    • have permission;
    • or own the copyright;
    • or it is out of copyright.
  • Please ensure images are not too big before uploading, and add them into posts as thumbnails as this will make the initial website view much faster especially on those on slow (e.g. dial-up) internet connections.
  • Please consider the most appropriate categories for flagging your posts and flag parent categories as well as any sub-categories.
  • The preferred term for our 7mm scale / 14mm gauge combination is O14, not o14, O-14, On14, etc.
  • The administrators and editors reserve the right to remove (unpublish) any posts or comments that they feel do not comply with the spirit or objectives of the O14 group.
  • The administrators and editors also reserve the right to make slight amendments to the title, content and categorisation of posts as required to aid publication.
  • The administrators reserve the right to moderate posts or ban any user who repeatedly breaks the above or they feel acts in a way contrary to the aims of the O14 group.