Notes for Traders

We would like to encourage traders to post details about products of interest to O14 modellers. In return for this free advertising a link to this site would be much appreciated.

All posts should take into account the Notes for Contributors and the following:

  • Descriptions of items may include text, images, price and web links.
  • Full contact details should be included.
  • Please ensure all such posts are only categorised as Trade Showcase and all appropriate sub categories.
  • It is the traders responsibility to periodically review and update their posts to ensure the details are still current.
  • It is not acceptable to repeatedly delete, re-post, update or comment on specific posts to maintain visibility in the recent posts.
  • The administrators and editors reserve the right to remove (unpublish) any posts or comments that they feel do not comply with the spirit or objectives of the O14 group.
  • The administrators and editors also reserve the right to make slight amendments to the title, content and categorisation of posts as required to aid publication.
  • The administrators reserve the right to moderate posts or ban any user who repeatedly breaks the above or they feel acts in a way contrary to the aims of the O14 group.
  • Please contact the administrators via the associated: O14 Yahoo Group to ask about how you can become a contributor.