Templot turnout templates

Users of Templot may be interested in obtaining two templates for prototype turnouts as follows:

The first turnout is based on the drawing of a Robert Hudson 6′ 1 in 6 turnout as published with the track articles in issues 63-65 in the NG&IRM Review and also available on this site as a 1 in 6 Turnout Template

The second turnout has been produced from a de-perspectified drawing (using GIMP) of the turnout on the loop at Chelfham on the Lynton & Barnstaple. This appears to be a 1 in 8 turnout with 10′ switch blades, however I understand many of the main turnouts were 1 in 10 and this adjusts to this OK.

The templates themselves are available from the Templot Forum here.