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Finescale 7mm Narrow Gauge Trackwork

John Clutterbuck wrote a series of three articles about building accurate trackwork which was originally published in Roy C Link’s Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review issues 63, 64 & 65. As Roy has now sold most of the relevant back issues, John and Roy have collaborated to produce an updated electronic booklet containing all three articles. This is made available from this site on the basis that it is used for personal non-commercial use only.

Permission must be sought from John Clutterbuck and Roy C Link for further publication of this booklet (including any extracts) in any media, and use by commercial track makers. It is also not permitted to host copies of these articles on other websites. However it is permitted to provide a link to this complete post with the following URL:

The booklet can be found here: 7mm NG Trackwork Article (PDF). Please note it is a large (4.8MB) file which has been compressed as much as possible whilst still maintaining an acceptable picture quality.

Update 21/1/2016 – the quoted L&B sleeper dimensions in the table on Page 7 are incorrect – the original period sleepers are now known to be 4’6″ x 9″ x 4.5″ and the SR period are now know to be 4’6″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″

Nigel Lawton 20hp bow-framed Simplex

Nigel Lawton was demonstrating a 7mm:ft scale version of his 20hp bow-framed Simplex kit at ExpoNG 2008. Originally developed for OO9, the etch artwork for the new loco has been (literally) scaled up with some changes the drive system allowed by the larger size.

While the OO9 loco relies on a friction drive for the reduction gearing, the 7mm kit has a more conventional belt drive and the further modification of a working radiator fan. Currently this is linked to the direction and speed of the Simplex but Nigel has some ideas to keep a constant fan operation even on DC power. There should also be room to fit a small DCC chip inside the engine cowling.

The kit should be available late 2008 or early 2009 and can be built to 14mm and 16.5mm gauges.

Festiniog and Penrhyn chairs

I’ve been asked to place these photos of Festiniog and Penrhyn Quarry railway chairs on the site for everyone’s information.

The hardware was supplied to me by Adrian Gray when I showed a willingness to produce brass masters of them for castings in 7mm. scale. I also decided to do them in 1/32nd scale, should anyone have the space for a chaired tracked layout in that fine scale.

(ruler units are inches)

Volks Electric Railway trackwork

Although the gauge is out by 8″ or so for O14, there are some great details in the trackwork of the Volks Electric Railway in Brighton that could be a useful reference for anyone working on a “tourist attraction” type railway rather than serious functional narrow gauge!

O14 Tee Shirts

KBscale have recently produced some Tee shirts with our logo and at the same time we had a batch with a large O14.

O14teeThese are available for £8.50 each (p&p extra) in L and XL size. Only limited numbers are available at this time so it will be first come first served basis – send us an email if you are interested.

O-14 Yahoo Group Rename (to O14)

The companion O-14 Yahoo group has now be renamed to O14 so as to be consistent with this website. The new web address for the group is: This is just a rename and all existing messages, files, photos and group members are preserved, i.e. if you were a member of the O-14 group before, you are now a member of O14. However we have created a new Yahoo group O-14 purely to act as a signpost to the O14 group for those who follow out of date links.

Note that an important factor for not using O-14 is that ‘-’ is not very web friendly. For example some search engines treat a search for: ‘O-14′ as find anything with an ‘O’ in it not followed by ’14′.