O-14 Yahoo Group Rename (to O14)

The companion O-14 Yahoo group has now be renamed to O14 so as to be consistent with this website. The new web address for the group is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/O14/. This is just a rename and all existing messages, files, photos and group members are preserved, i.e. if you were a member of the O-14 group before, you are now a member of O14. However we have created a new Yahoo group O-14 purely to act as a signpost to the O14 group for those who follow out of date links.

Note that an important factor for not using O-14 is that ‘-’ is not very web friendly. For example some search engines treat a search for: ‘O-14′ as find anything with an ‘O’ in it not followed by ’14′.