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O14 Track Sample Kits

Want to try hand-laying O14 track? Newly introduced Track Sample Kits from KBscale offer a low cost introduction to pleasure of laying your own track. The basic kit has all the parts needed to lay two scale 18ft lengths of portable-type track and includes rail, sleepers, spikes and cosmetic fishplates. Other kits also include a O14 Standards Gauge and a platform wagon.

Because the injection moulded sleepers have the spike holes moulded-in it’s fast and easy to lay accurate 14mm gauge track.

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Le P’tit train de la Haute Somme

Le P’tit train de la Haute Somme is a preserved 60cm gauge sugar beet line (with WW1 military origins) in the Somme area of France. As well as steam and diesel stock it has an extensive museum with plenty of interesting 60cm/2ft locos and rolling stock (and some O14 models). A trip on the line is particularly interesting as the line has a Darjeeling style reversing zig-zag to help it climb out of the valley onto the plain above.

The society are also the publishers of the Voie Etroite magazine so there are plenty of current/back issues and other tempting reading material for sale.


Östra Södermanlands Järnväg

Railway museum with an extensive collection of 600 mm narrow gauge passenger railcars. The ÖSlJ operates traffic on two different lines:

  • Traffic with steam on the 600 mm narrow-gauge line with locomotives and carriages dating from the period 1890-1925 between Mariefred and Läggesta junction, circa 4 km.
  • The line from Läggesta and Taxinge-Näsby, circa 7 km, was relayed as narrow-gauge and re-opened in November 2011 giving a total round trip of 22km around the lake shore.

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