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TGC Bois Marie: Part 1

Can I introduce you my new project? “Tramway de Grand Comble”, a fictitious line somewhere in a country like France or Belgium. A 60cm gauge line with commercial purpose and an old branch converted for forestry development. The starting point for this project is to model a narrow gauge line with some place like: a sugar refinery, a sawmill like in the Vosges in France and a small station. But after some drawing test, it seems difficult to keep all things. The last project will concentrate the work to the sawmill and its forestry track, and the small station named ‘Bois Marie’.

Now, the track plan. The last edition show only the visible track, not the hidden one nor the hidden station.


The attic where I will lay the track has more or less 3m wide and 5m long and the main track line will be 15m long. As you can see, the main station has only one loop with a small house and a shed. I take inspiration on the real station of “Chatillon-Coligny”, an old station, end of a meter gauge track, in the Loiret Region in France. I have the opportunity to retrieve the old shed and take some pictures:


But, sadly, the station house has been demolished. Here is the project but I have to make some modification because I know now the correct track plan of “Chatillon Coligny”:


On my layout, the line will continue thru the town, as a tramway. At the other end of the station, the main track will continue thru the countryside to the halt “Grignan” and the tunnel. An other track will climb to the halt “Sousac” thru a big “Z” and with a branch to the sawmill. This part of the layout is currently in construction (see it later).



K1 Garratt on the PLR

I’ve made a short video of my K1 Garratt struggling hard on the 1 in 28 ‘up the bottoms’ on the Pentewan Light Railway. As can be seen there is much scenic work to do. The K1 also needs more weight as it’s wheels are spinning as it moves out of shot – if any more wagons are added it grinds to a halt!

The video was taken on a small digital camera and all the sounds are from the loco (CT Elektronic SL51 decoder). No post production editing was applied – I wouldn’t know how to do it!