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Trackwork Services

Whilst I am mainly involved with Signals and Track for Standard gauge Model Railways, I can also offer a track/point building service in narrow gauges.

I can also offer servo operation of points, either for the modeller to install himself or included in the build. If you visit my website, you will see a Youtube video of an 00 gauge point being operated by an onboard servo.

My website address is

Stephen Freeman

O14 kits from Trains d’Antan

Trans d’antan is a French producer of O14 loco and rolling stock kits. The website is mainly in French but is fairly easy to navigate. Some of the kits have English assembly instructions.

The O14 kits and ordering details can be found here: boutique -Echelle Oe Note you need to select the Oe14 option either from this Echelle Oe page or under the individual locos

The following images are taken from their website:

Billard_T80_Oe14_4838071550c7c Billard-T50D-02 Locotracteur_DIE_4aaa42e6a42e0

Dargil et Laitard at ExpoNG

At the recent ExpoNG show, the French modelling group Escadrille St Michel presented their latest O14 layout – Dargil et Laitard. Their specialism is compact, industrial scenes, and this one is a very attractive small brickworks with an attractive combination of fairly modern machinery and rural surroundings.

The KBscale Deutz locos were running very nicely on the day, and there is also a bassy sound system under the layout to add atmosphere.

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14