TGC Bois Marie: Part 3

“La ferme du Haut Bois” and “La Halte de Sousac”, here are some views of these first sceneries done for now.

The farm is based on an old pictures


The model, in place:


It is far than finished but the idea is there. The model is made of cardboard, plaster and wood.

And the little station, now used to load the piece of wood onto the rolling stock.


The third module is now started, with another interesting point : a bridge over a little stream and a sawmill’s canal.

The bridge in its current position and the farm in the background:


It is made like the farm, some cardboard, plasters and wood. The plasters’s walls are engraved to represent the brick.

I hope you like this little presentation of my current work.

You can retrieve all the pictures done for this part of the layout in my Fotki album (