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Remember, one of my first post talk you about “A small track side workshop”.


The diorama during Expometrique, on 2009 at Richelieu!

After a while, it seemed interesting to make this diorama functional and include it in a larger layout. The theme, not a real one, is a slate quarry in Belgium. The layout will consist of five modules corresponding to five different scenes. Here is the drawing for the project:


My first steps is to build the two modules adjacent to the workshop, named ‘Carriere’ and ‘Bureaux’, in order to get a running layout. And the two last module will be defined in a near future.

Here are the current status of the first three modules, as shown during ‘Expometrique’ at Sedan, this year.

La carriere: this module tries to model a small quarry with a tunnel leading to an underground working (for the return track). I hope to model some working scene with a wooden crane.

The first work with part of the track bed.


A study for slate placement… Some real slates, yesss. And than, the quarry in place.


Les bureaux: The second new module with the other end of the return track. I wanted to model a building with the office and the quarry’s owner house, made with some local techniques. So, slate wall with brick around the windows and door, like in this slate quarry’s house in the Ardennen, Belgium.


And my work to model it:


The first steps, some test for building placement.


The first wall in slates, Difficult to imagine what will be the result at this moment, but that’s the fun!


The complete building, not yet engraved!


And with a near completed engraving process, with windows and door.


At this stage, there is some works to do, but the module is running and viewable.

During the last weeks before Expometrique, with the old module “the small track side workshop” in the center:



The LKM Ns-2 is a Trukteur model

From the quarry:


The complete layout during Expometrique,at Sedan