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German Peat Layout

James H has supplied the following details on his new German Peat Layout in O14.

The layout is based on a number of German peat railways that are still in operation across Germany and draws on features from several of them. Much of the research for the layout has been on the excellent which is great resource for industrial narrow gauge railways across Europe. I have also purchased an excellent DVD on the subject of the German peat railways.

The layout will be 9 feet by 2 feet and is intended for home use, the base boards will be supplied By Tim Horn, these are laser cut baseboard from MDF. Woodwork is my least favourite part of the hobby and I am happy to let someone supply me with premade base boards!

Trackwork will be a mix of KB scale for visible track and copper clad for hidden sidings using Peco code flat bottom rail

I intend to depict 2 scenes on the layout, firstly the unloading scene, this involves the full peat wagons being unloaded into a tipper truck by a tippler and conveyor. The intention is to make a working tippler and conveyor. For the conveyor I have I am in the process of converting a 1/32 toy conveyor by company called Siku. The tippler will need to be scratch built, I intend to use an R/C servo to control it, this will allow the simulation of the tippler being rocked at the top of its movement to dislodge the load.

The second scene will be the ramshackle engine sheds, where basic work on the locos and wagons are stored, along with some maintenance trains.

Work so far has been on the stock for the layout, this has included a Diema DL6 from KB Scale, an O&K from Nonnemintre models and a scratch built Schoma loco of a more modern design built on a Bullant power bogie from Hollywood Foundry.


Rolling stock is mainly peat wagons I have scratch built a couple using KB Scale frames and some large ones using on the KB Scale axle boxes.

The scratch built wagon, the body is from hard word strip and the chassis from styrene sections, the body side is hinged to work with the tippler:


However as I want somewhere in the region of 20-30 of these so I have commissioned a body to be laser cut and 3D printed chassis:

It still needs some work, the frames need to be thinner and the details parts need adding. Again the body is hinged.

image3 image4

Chelfham at Burton-upon-Trent

We had a good day out with David H’s Chelfham at the 7mm NGA AGM and expo recently. Despite our expectations no wise-cracks about the incomplete state of the trackwork etc. were received and we got lots of seemingly genuine interest. Many old and new friends popped by and several brought O14 locos and stock to run – unfortunately we forgot to photo them all.

DSC_0009r DSC_0007 006 004

O14 layouts at ExpoNG 2014

ExpoNG poster 2014

ExpoNG 2014 will have more of a focus on O14 modelling than in recent years, with four layouts intended to showcase the variety of narrow gauge themes modellers in our scale are interested in.

Perhaps the most significant will be a section of John Clutterbuck’s Pentewan Light Railway, a home-based layout making a unique exhibition appearance (or at least for this part of it).

Also in attendance will be Rhyd by David John, travelling from the north of Scotland for a rare appearance in the south of the UK, The Abbey Light Railway by David Malton showing a scene from the now sadly closed ALR in Leeds, and South Bierley Sewage Works by Simon Hargraves.

As usual there will also be narrow gauge layouts in all major scales, from the UK and beyond, and excellent support from traders and societies.

ExpoNG 2014 will be held on the 25th October 2014 from 10am to 5pm, at the White Oak Leisure Centre, Hilda May Avenue, Swanley, Kent BR8 7BT

Further details will be available in due course at

Rhyd website

David John has created a website to show details of his excellent layout Rhyd. As he says:

Rhyd’ was built as a home layout and although it was designed to break-down to be transportable it was never intended to be an exhibition layout. Which means set-up time is a lot longer than most other layouts!

Coupled to this is the fact I live so far away – from anywhere really – and this means a heavy commitment of time from my operating crew (ExpoNG for example is two days there and two days back!) and high expenses for the show organisers.

I am not saying ExpoNG will be ‘Rhyd’s’ last exhibition; just the last for a while.

I was discussing this conclusion with friends and one of them suggested putting a web-site together as a ‘virtual’ exhibition. So here it is: