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Remember, one of my first post talk you about “A small track side workshop”.


The diorama during Expometrique, on 2009 at Richelieu!

After a while, it seemed interesting to make this diorama functional and include it in a larger layout. The theme, not a real one, is a slate quarry in Belgium. The layout will consist of five modules corresponding to five different scenes. Here is the drawing for the project:


My first steps is to build the two modules adjacent to the workshop, named ‘Carriere’ and ‘Bureaux’, in order to get a running layout. And the two last module will be defined in a near future.

Here are the current status of the first three modules, as shown during ‘Expometrique’ at Sedan, this year.

La carriere: this module tries to model a small quarry with a tunnel leading to an underground working (for the return track). I hope to model some working scene with a wooden crane.

The first work with part of the track bed.


A study for slate placement… Some real slates, yesss. And than, the quarry in place.


Les bureaux: The second new module with the other end of the return track. I wanted to model a building with the office and the quarry’s owner house, made with some local techniques. So, slate wall with brick around the windows and door, like in this slate quarry’s house in the Ardennen, Belgium.


And my work to model it:


The first steps, some test for building placement.


The first wall in slates, Difficult to imagine what will be the result at this moment, but that’s the fun!


The complete building, not yet engraved!


And with a near completed engraving process, with windows and door.


At this stage, there is some works to do, but the module is running and viewable.

During the last weeks before Expometrique, with the old module “the small track side workshop” in the center:



The LKM Ns-2 is a Trukteur model

From the quarry:


The complete layout during Expometrique,at Sedan


TGC Bois Marie: Part 3

“La ferme du Haut Bois” and “La Halte de Sousac”, here are some views of these first sceneries done for now.

The farm is based on an old pictures


The model, in place:


It is far than finished but the idea is there. The model is made of cardboard, plaster and wood.

And the little station, now used to load the piece of wood onto the rolling stock.


The third module is now started, with another interesting point : a bridge over a little stream and a sawmill’s canal.

The bridge in its current position and the farm in the background:


It is made like the farm, some cardboard, plasters and wood. The plasters’s walls are engraved to represent the brick.

I hope you like this little presentation of my current work.

You can retrieve all the pictures done for this part of the layout in my Fotki album (

White Hill Cement Works


White Hill is is based on one of the small cement works that once flourished in the Adur Valley in West Sussex, but have sadly, long since closed. It represents a typical cement works that was part of a much larger system with all of the various works inter-connected by means of a narrow gauge railway system. The scene is set in the late 1960′s when operations were being run down and their was a general air of dereliction about the place.

This fine layout by Mark Hesketh features both 2′ (O14) and 2’4″ (O16.5) gauges. Full details can be found here:

Dargil et Laitard at ExpoNG

At the recent ExpoNG show, the French modelling group Escadrille St Michel presented their latest O14 layout – Dargil et Laitard. Their specialism is compact, industrial scenes, and this one is a very attractive small brickworks with an attractive combination of fairly modern machinery and rural surroundings.

The KBscale Deutz locos were running very nicely on the day, and there is also a bassy sound system under the layout to add atmosphere.

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14

Dargil et Lataird - O14

TGC Bois Marie: Part 2

After having show you the layout, here are the different spots of interest.

The station, described earlier


The forestry halt, called “Sousac”


The long bank from “Grignan” to “Bois Marie”


The top “Z” part


The sawmill and its layout.


For now, I’m working on the forestry halt, 2m40 long and 70cm wide in two block. In this part of the layout, two main pieces, the station itself with the loop and the farm “Bois Marie”. This part of the layout will be described soon.

I hope that this description is of some interest, please feel free to comment.


PS: If I make mistakes in my English, give me your comment.

TGC Bois Marie: Part 1

Can I introduce you my new project? “Tramway de Grand Comble”, a fictitious line somewhere in a country like France or Belgium. A 60cm gauge line with commercial purpose and an old branch converted for forestry development. The starting point for this project is to model a narrow gauge line with some place like: a sugar refinery, a sawmill like in the Vosges in France and a small station. But after some drawing test, it seems difficult to keep all things. The last project will concentrate the work to the sawmill and its forestry track, and the small station named ‘Bois Marie’.

Now, the track plan. The last edition show only the visible track, not the hidden one nor the hidden station.


The attic where I will lay the track has more or less 3m wide and 5m long and the main track line will be 15m long. As you can see, the main station has only one loop with a small house and a shed. I take inspiration on the real station of “Chatillon-Coligny”, an old station, end of a meter gauge track, in the Loiret Region in France. I have the opportunity to retrieve the old shed and take some pictures:


But, sadly, the station house has been demolished. Here is the project but I have to make some modification because I know now the correct track plan of “Chatillon Coligny”:


On my layout, the line will continue thru the town, as a tramway. At the other end of the station, the main track will continue thru the countryside to the halt “Grignan” and the tunnel. An other track will climb to the halt “Sousac” thru a big “Z” and with a branch to the sawmill. This part of the layout is currently in construction (see it later).