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Rail Track and Associated Equipment for use Underground in Mines

O14 group member Bob T has pointed out a very useful publication available from the HSE which provides Guidance on selection, installation and maintenance of rail track and associated equipment for use underground in mines. It provides a valuable insight into many aspects of prototype narrow gauge track construction some of which is equally applicable to above ground track.

It can be found here: Rail track and associated equipment for use underground in mines (PDF)

Phil’s O14 test track

Prolific modelling blogger Phil Parker has recently been updating on his experiences with the KBscale track sample kit. His impressions are positive, describing it as good value for money and useful encourage into a new scale.

There have been two posts on the subject so far, and it sounds like there may be more to come as Phil mentions the thought of modelling the Groudle Glen railway in O14…

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Scratch Building Techniques

O14 modeller Martin Field has provided the following link to some useful annotated pictures outlining various scratch building techniques, including lathe work, soft and silver soldering, panel forming etc. Although the examples are road vehicles they are equally applicable to railway vehicles, especially as the scale is the same. There’s no excuse now in tackling that awkward prototype you’ve hankered after!

A site for The Brickworks

Arthur Budd has set up a website for his O14 layout, The Brickworks. The article first appeared in the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association magazine Narrow Lines but it’s great to now have an online record of it. Arthur is also promising updates to come on his new home layout, Wigmore.

Arthur’s site