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Lynton and Barnstaple MW 2-6-2

An original Roy Link/Alan Gibson L&B 2-6-2 model in 14mm gauge has recently been into  the Modell Ost. workshops to have repairs to it’s motion – a well known to be a problematic aspect of this kit.

(photo hosted on Modell Ost. website)

Full details can be found here:

There is also a video of it running as seen here: video

And finally some trackwork is being (slowly) built for this very model to run on as seen here:


Hudson Hunslet 24hp

This is the second KBScale brass kit I have made. The first one was the OMZ (also shown). This was made with the help of Bernard Daillant, Franck Tavernier and Bernard Junk. Franck Tavernier made the motor gear and I made the structure as best as I can. I am not an expert, and the brass with bronze is not so simple to assemble! But with perseverance I managed to make it. In fact this model was not so hard to assemble, but I much preferred the painting!

I sanded the model, and then painted with Prince August 920 German uniform. A multitude of washes, dirt, grease were then put on it. The detail micro-painting was with Tamiya XF-10, followed by washes of grime, brown, yellow, white, black. I put black pigment on the wheel train fixed by acetone to simulate grease.

The name of this engine is my friend’s daughter, and it will be equipped with a DCC decoder for N gauge.

I have made several layouts with my friend Matthieu: Jacquemart, Le gemmage, Les Agouts de Paris (see photo), and a new layout: Les sablieres de Nemours, all are in O14.

You can see our layouts on our website at:

Hudson Hunslet kit update from KBscale

A couple of photos showing progress of the Hudson Hunslet kit from KBscale. The kit will be available in two versions to represent early and late versions of the prototype. Various cab and canopy options will be available at a later date.

This kit features lost wax brass castings for the frames and details with etched brass parts for the engine cover etc. This kit will be 14mm gauge only.

DSCF0203 DSCF0206

O14 kits from Trains d’Antan

Trans d’antan is a French producer of O14 loco and rolling stock kits. The website is mainly in French but is fairly easy to navigate. Some of the kits have English assembly instructions.

The O14 kits and ordering details can be found here: boutique -Echelle Oe Note you need to select the Oe14 option either from this Echelle Oe page or under the individual locos

The following images are taken from their website:

Billard_T80_Oe14_4838071550c7c Billard-T50D-02 Locotracteur_DIE_4aaa42e6a42e0

Nigel Lawton 20hp bow-framed Simplex

Nigel Lawton was demonstrating a 7mm:ft scale version of his 20hp bow-framed Simplex kit at ExpoNG 2008. Originally developed for OO9, the etch artwork for the new loco has been (literally) scaled up with some changes the drive system allowed by the larger size.

While the OO9 loco relies on a friction drive for the reduction gearing, the 7mm kit has a more conventional belt drive and the further modification of a working radiator fan. Currently this is linked to the direction and speed of the Simplex but Nigel has some ideas to keep a constant fan operation even on DC power. There should also be room to fit a small DCC chip inside the engine cowling.

The kit should be available late 2008 or early 2009 and can be built to 14mm and 16.5mm gauges.