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German Peat Layout

James H has supplied the following details on his new German Peat Layout in O14.

The layout is based on a number of German peat railways that are still in operation across Germany and draws on features from several of them. Much of the research for the layout has been on the excellent which is great resource for industrial narrow gauge railways across Europe. I have also purchased an excellent DVD on the subject of the German peat railways.

The layout will be 9 feet by 2 feet and is intended for home use, the base boards will be supplied By Tim Horn, these are laser cut baseboard from MDF. Woodwork is my least favourite part of the hobby and I am happy to let someone supply me with premade base boards!

Trackwork will be a mix of KB scale for visible track and copper clad for hidden sidings using Peco code flat bottom rail

I intend to depict 2 scenes on the layout, firstly the unloading scene, this involves the full peat wagons being unloaded into a tipper truck by a tippler and conveyor. The intention is to make a working tippler and conveyor. For the conveyor I have I am in the process of converting a 1/32 toy conveyor by company called Siku. The tippler will need to be scratch built, I intend to use an R/C servo to control it, this will allow the simulation of the tippler being rocked at the top of its movement to dislodge the load.

The second scene will be the ramshackle engine sheds, where basic work on the locos and wagons are stored, along with some maintenance trains.

Work so far has been on the stock for the layout, this has included a Diema DL6 from KB Scale, an O&K from Nonnemintre models and a scratch built Schoma loco of a more modern design built on a Bullant power bogie from Hollywood Foundry.


Rolling stock is mainly peat wagons I have scratch built a couple using KB Scale frames and some large ones using on the KB Scale axle boxes.

The scratch built wagon, the body is from hard word strip and the chassis from styrene sections, the body side is hinged to work with the tippler:


However as I want somewhere in the region of 20-30 of these so I have commissioned a body to be laser cut and 3D printed chassis:

It still needs some work, the frames need to be thinner and the details parts need adding. Again the body is hinged.

image3 image4

Ralph’s Models

EDM Models – B & DZ wagon update

Diamond Frame Truck



I have updated the page on our website with some new information on the soon to be available south African B & DZ wagons including images of the production versions of the bogies. I think the webpage has most of the information

However here is some additional info which may head off some of the questions…..

  • The kits are principally etched nickel silver and brass castings
  • We have had Phil at Port Wynnstay reproduce the doors for the DZ in resin available as an extra. I think that most people will want to build one DZ using all the metal components and that will give them a superb model. At that point I suspect the prospect of doing a rake of wagons all with metal doors will seem a daunting one whilst an attempt to do so will have them phoning their trick cyclist. The resin doors aren’t as strong as they replicate the metal thickness [or lack of it] but they are a time saver.
  • The bogies will be available as a separate item but not at first. The castings for these are the bottle neck in the production so all the castings we can get initially are being kept for use in full kits. They will be available later once the initial demand for kits has been met
  • The wheels supplied are Bachmann 00 passenger coach wheels. These are a nominal 12mm diameter but are actually a smidge under which makes then the right size for new disc wheels. They run superbly, are just a press fit so can be re-gauged and are affordable. Research suggests you could use a wide variety of wheel types and diameters and probably find a prototype for it as they were mixed, matched and turned down many times.

Our aim is to have the kits ready for the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association Convention on the 9th June and all production has now been commissioned to this end. The parts are ordered in batches so it would be a real help to judge how many we need to produce if customers ordered them in advance. Your card won’t be charged until the kits are ready to ship/ If you are going to the convention says so in the comments box on the order form and we’ll try to have them there for you and save you the postage.

Orders will be filled in the order received with one little exception – I will keep at least one of each kit back to have on my stand at the convention even if all the first batch are ordered in advance. A launch with no kit to launch is going to look a bit hollow!

Paul Martin, EDM Models

SAR / WHR WAGONS in 7mm Scale from EDM Models

New kits for three SAR 2ft Gauge wagons plus two types of bogies have been announced by EDM Models.

post-2660-0-50309500-1328361020 post-2660-0-62183300-1328360993 post-2660-0-93102000-1328361034

These have been in development for some time and are the work of Peter Balderstone who also designed our Linda/Blanche/Charles kit. They actually started life as a personal project worked on over many years. Recently they have been reworked with commercial sale in mind and many of the small detail parts that were originally assembled from etches have been replaced by brass castings.

Each kit caters for variants of the prototype and both styles of bogie, the diamond frame and the cast Bettendorf are being produced.

Originally we weren’t going to mention these kits until they were in boxes and ready for sale but as they are nearly ready and there has been a lot of discussion of the prototypes on various internet sites we have set to, planned a release date and decided to announce that they are on their way.

The intention is to release them from sale at the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association Convention in Burton on Trent on the 9th June and make them available for online sales immediately after that.

They are on the NG Trains website and more detail [like prices and more pictures] will be added between now and the release.

The kits are designed to be built for either 16.5mm or 14mm gauge.

Expressions of interest are welcome as they would give us an idea of demand.

Welsh Slate Wagons

I am making up some wagons to go behind my Quarry Hunslet for a ‘Dinorwic’ corner of my layout. Thought the group may be interested. Two are finished and another 4 types are in the pipeline. I have attached photos of the slab wagon and the waste wagon also a photo of the first run of the waste wagon and the chassis for the other 4 types. Trevor at Mercian is supposed to be doing a 4 part casting for the sides of the slate wagon to fit this chassis.

Now I have found KBscale’s double flanged wheel they look better. Originally I was building them for 16.5 but now have changed to 14mm gauge. I will have some etches left after I have built a loaded and unloaded rake of each type if any one is interested.





L&B Wagon Suspension

This is my first attempt at making a master for an L&B style wagon axlebox which I hope will incorporate real working springs. This is designed to fit an etched L&B wagon underframe which is also under development. The springs would also be etched. It may all come to naught if it doesn’t cast successfully.

img_0539s img_0550s

Model L&B Couplers

This is my first attempt at making masters of L&B couplings which I’m hoping will prove suitable for lost wax casting. These were made with bits of brass rod, strip and tube all soldered together with 221 degree C tin/silver solder (I’ve got the burnt fingers to prove it). The base is a separate component and the springs will be functional just like the real thing. The long bit hanging down from the chopper is a sprue.

Update 25/6/2011 – see: running trials

IMG_0524s IMG_0528s